Wildflowers: 100 Day Project (Day 36)

Hello Friends,

I have been wanting to write this story for at least 15 years and am thrilled with the final product. Andrew was the editor, collaborating, documenting a story I told him for years.

Ichabod is an imaginary character who visited our family in the nineties. No one remembers when Ichabod first visited us but he liked to appear during story time.  I don't remember him visiting us after we moved, which means he was an occasional visitor from ages three to nine.  

Having just one child, a gullible boy, I made up all kinds of imaginary friends to entertain him.  Ichabod the invisible flying Yak was nice but liked to tickle. The Target Monster tapped on dangling feet when we shopped (playing hide and seek).  AND just one time the McDonald's Hamburglar took a bite from Andrew's hamburger while playing in the play area post hockey practice... a silly act by a statue caused us to never eat in the kid's play again.  

This book will be added to our book collection - documenting sweet memories.

Books I can't wait to read!

Hello Bookworms,

If the books below are a reflection of the year ahead, 2017 has the potential to be a great reading year.

I'm reading Lillian Boxfish now. Most of you know my family is from NYC, my mother still lives in the city.  I can imagine my father's mother telling her story while taking a stroll. She was a storyteller.  I'm enjoying this book, listening while walking the dogs.

Lucky Boy deals with a sensitive issue worth reading, especially if you live in the USA right now. I recently met a mother who fears deportation.  When I asked her why, she said her teenage son will get in trouble. Her husband drives without a license and has four traffic tickets (they own a car but have no insurance).  She came to America in the 90's, from South America via California before settling in New Jersey. This woman told me she's living the American Dream.  The risks are worth every day in America but she is nervous.

Wildflowers: 100 Day Project (Day 20)

Hello friends!

It's a foggy Saturday morning in northern New Jersey.  I'm sitting in the kitchen, with a cup of grapefruit/strawberry tea.  Mixing in a teaspoon of raw honey for ALL the benefits the bees create for us.  

In addition to my 100 day project, I have so much goodness going on... 2017 is off to a good start.  Watch for some exciting news over the next few months. 

I recently reconnected with my childhood pen pal. She lives in Stockholm, our grandmothers are sisters. I met her when I was 14, she was 16. Shortly after visiting her in 1982 (gulp) my family divorced, moved, and I lost contact with my cousin (a story too long for a blog post).

I have searched for her over the years, with no success.  We found each other again the day after Christmas, in a wonderfully simple way.  We have been emailing each other almost daily, picking up right where we left off.  Two weeks ago my husband mentioned visiting Stockholm in March, for business.  I will hug my cousin in March!

Fitness & Adventure
Here's a glimpse of what I am busy planning: an Alps Trek in March, half marathon in May,  hiking the Rockies in July, and a BIG trekking adventure in October.  I promise to share everything... once we book our flights.  There is so much research to do!

On Feb 18 I'm participating in a fundraising run for a Mahila Partnership, a non profit focused on long term, local support after disaster disrupts daily life in Nepal, India, and Haiti. Please consider making a $20 donation that will bring change to another woman. Someone needing help. 

Project Wildflowers
Yesterday was day twenty.  Let's see how my 100 day project is going.

Wildflowers: 100 day project (Day 10)

Lovely Friends,

I hope the New year is going well for everyone.We have family visiting this weekend. One last holiday gathering than then we will take down the Christmas tree. We also have a few day trips planned that you might enjoy catching a glimpse of, follow me on Instagram for up to the minute updates.

Project Wildflowers! 
The last time I completed a 100 day project I saw so much goodness, almost immediately after starting and this is the case again.  People asking me how it's going, and I find my husband juggling throughout the day. Juggling is a sign that my motor skills need refining, depth perception etc...  I'm determined to learn and continue this skill. One that brings a smile and joy into lives. 

Have you looked at my list and wondering why this is my list of fourteen?  I will share why I selected each item over the next several weeks.  Starting with a few today.

Today is day ten. Let's see how I'm doing. :)

Create a craft space: I dabble with knitting, sewing, and small season crafts. A full work space isn't necessary, but I would like to gather the yarn sitting in baskets, the painting supplies sitting on a bookshelf, etc...  and create an organized space. 
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