The Wedding Officer

The Wedding Officer, written by Anthony Capella
July book club selection - we all really enjoyed this book

It was a great read for summer, I haven't read a novel with a culinary backdrop in a long time. The writer did a wonderful job describing the landscape and was able to create a visual for the reader.

Type: Culinary fiction, 544 pages, paperback
Captain James Gould arrives in wartime Naples assigned to discourage marriages between British soldiers and their gorgeous Italian girlfriends. But the innocent young officer is soon distracted by an intoxicating young widow who knows her way around a kitchen...Livia Pertini is creating feasts that stun the senses with their succulence—ruby-colored San Marzana tomatoes, glistening anchovies, and delectable new potatoes encrusted with the black volcanic earth of of Campania—and James is about to learn that his heart may rank higher than his orders. For romance can be born of the sweet and spicy passions of food and love—and time spent in the kitchen can be as joyful and exciting as the banquet of life itself!


  1. I'm not sure which was more vividly imagined for the reader--the landscape or the food. Fun summer read but a bit of a let down at the end. Our club found lots to discuss with this book.

  2. Loved it - a great end0of summer read and a nice spin on a WWII story. The food stores were really vivid and enjoyed trying some of the recipies.

  3. Definitely an easy read - great for summer or traveling. I really enjoyed tasting the white wine with peaches that is referenced in the book and have since found a new summertime drink!


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