ANNA read-a-long: Part 7

I'm getting sad thinking that my time with Anna is coming to an end.  It's hard to believe my original post is dated back to January 2010.  I'm happy with how we have been reading Anna though - it's important to allow for time between each section (remember Tolstoy published each part seperately, this let's us read the book close to how it was read as a new release). 

We find ourselves spending quite a bit of time with the men in the novel again in part 7.  I know this novel was written for men and women but I enjoy the women the farther I get in the book.  I do read the synopsis before reading each section - this seems to help me focus on the key elements to the story.  Having read the synopsis below before reading the section I knew a baby would enter the world and Anna would die in part 7.  I'm surprised Anna dies with so many pages remaining to the end of the story.

We are using Oprah's discussion guide to help facilitate the dialog. the recap below is from her website.

Part Seven: Death Rumbles By

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