ANNA read-a-long: Part 8

I can't believe I have finished reading Anna Karenina!  I bought my copy in 2005-06 to bring on vacation and read the first two parts - then I read somewhere that the book was published as seperate novels with over a year between books.  This gave me an excuse to try reading it like readers would have but it failed. 

I'm surprised with part 8, we spend very little time with Anna.  Much less than I expected.  Tolstoy really enjoyed writing Levin - I would be interested to know if there is a personal connection to Levin's character.

If you haven't read Anna yet, please read it!  It's a wonderful story, filled with society, Russian life, relationships, depression and so much more.
We are using Oprah's discussion guide to help facilitate the dialog. The recap below is from her website.

Part Eight: The End: A New Beginning

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