They said "She's waiting for you"

I haven't talked about M or E recently, let's just say it's difficult losing a loved one. 

M was a cancer warrior for six years. The last five months were tough with a few chemo treatments sending her to the hospital before making the decision to stop treatment and begin hospice care.

Last week my husband and I video skyped with my parents from Sydney, showing them the Opera House, the ocean and a few other places. M was doing great, two weeks ago she felt so good that she told me, "I feel so good Mari, don't be surprised if I'm here next Christmas".

She went to bed Saturday night and didn't wake up on Sunday, still with us but non-responsive. 

Just hours after getting back from Australia I received a call to come home. Due to weather and flight schedules it took two days for me to get home. I didn't think I would get there in time. I walked into my parents home Tuesday night at 11PM, hugged M, told her 'I love you', took her hand and sat next to her bed. I looked up to see tears from her closed eyes. She knew I was there.

We sat together for two hours, when I mentioned her mom she teared up again. M died a few hours later. At home. In her bed, looking so peaceful.

It's hard to explain but she found a way to wrap us in love as she left the world Wednesday morning - leaving us missing her terribly but filling our hearts with the miracle we experienced in her last hours with us, here on earth.

Just before I left yesterday, my dad found this photo in her purse so it's only fitting that I include it (my son Andrew with his Gaga, taken last summer). 

I love you M!

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