Travel: Ten days in Dublin

Welcome to Ireland!  Have I got a story for you.

I had the opportunity to spend ten days at The Shelbourne, located across the street from St Stephen's Green -  my husband was there on business and I explored just about every crevice of the neighborhood, napped, read books, walked about ten miles a day. 

I like to walk, sit in coffee shops, book stores, and linger on park benches to feel the city.  We had just been in the Rocky Mountains days before flying to Dublin.  It wasn't a planned trip.

In the evenings we ate dinner, listened to local performing in pubs, and on the streets.  We visited museums, rented a car to drive to Northern Ireland, Belfast and enjoyed a day at Ballgally.  A town we stumbled upon that holds a special place in my heart.

Life: I am a Tough Mudder!

Most of you have been following me through my running journey over the past few years... from marathon's to Ultra distances to becoming a Tough Mudder.  So you earned this with me! 

Thank you for all your support.  For letting me bombard you with running summaries, photo's from the trails.. etc.. You have been my cheerleaders. 

It's about twenty four hours after the run - I'm happy to say I'm feeling great!  I'm black and blue, my knees are a hot mess (black & blue, bloody, tender).... but I did get in a run today.  Which is a big success. 

It will be a few more days before I have photo's to share but let me tell you... it's tough!

Here's a recap:
We started in waves of 100, every twenty minutes.  To get to the starting line I had to scale a ten foot wall.

With two obstacles in the first mile, my knees are bleeding from the muddy/rock crawl (under barbed wire) and I'm wet from the ice bath.  Does it help if I tell you the water is blue, and smelled horrible (I wonder if there was manure in the water)... ICK! 

Most of the mileage was on a trail and the mile mud run was one mile straight up!  Try running a mile up the side of a mountain, in 6 inches of thick, wet, slimy mud.... super tough and slippery.  People who have completed other TM runs were telling us this was the most difficult one yet.  Usually the runs take place on flat surfaces like race tracks so natural terrain adds another level of difficulty.  

I ran through fire, scaled walls, climbed ropes, carried a log, crawled, ran in mud pools, walked balance beams, I even made it through the one I feared the most... the long tunnel filled with swamp water. 

So... what was the toughest obstacle for me? A thirty foot jump into murky water that was so cold my lungs compressed.  Followed by a short swim and rope climb out of the murkiness... I never need to do that again!

Twelve miles and about twenty military obstacles later, I did it. I'm a Tough Mudder!

Life: a week in Paris

Hello Friends,
Paris has been on my must see list for years.  Look at this view!

My husband came home from work on evening and said, "would you like to bring you Dad to Paris?"  His wife died earlier this year, then he had double knee replacement, with a long recovery.  An adventure would be good for him. 

So Paris it is!  A quick five day trip with my loving father.  We shared a room with two twin beds, walked through peaceful protests, ate crepes and explored as much as possible in five days. 


Just a quick post today.. Well it's almost midnight for me since I'm in France!

We are having a wonderful time and in Mari fashion... I have us on the move. We have climbed and visited monuments, toured the Louvre and treated ourselves to crepes.

Please leave a comment if you have been to Paris and have any 'must see' places/restaurants for us to visit.

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? Tomorrow morning I have a long run planned, which includes running around the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. Then a day at Versailles.

I will be back next Tuesday with a post about my trip. There are some interesting things to share!

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