Adventure: Kilimanjaro planning (part 1)

I just realized I haven't blogged about my latest life adventure since announcing it in January - how is this possible?!

This week we are applying for our visas which means WT is grounded until we get his passport back. Prefect excuse to fly our son home for a visit ~ woohoo!

Visas: Passports will be sent in tomorrow, with a $100 check for each (plus expedite fees).  The turn around is usually a month but we are trying to speed this up so Bill can get back to traveling.

Medical: With Bill's third world/ international travel he's current on vaccines.  I need to set up my medical appointment to begin the vaccine process (and quarterly blood draw for Lymes status).

Shots & medication:  One of these is a three part series so I will start the process this week.

Here's a list of the shots I need:
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A
MMR and Polio update
Typhoid Fever
Hepatitis B

There are also a few prescription medications to travel with:
Diamox (acute mountain sickness)
Zpack (super strength antibiotic)

Shopping: The hidden costs that accompany any adventure!  With the World Traveler grounded... this is the perfect time to research, shop and buy.  We are buying everything online but still have to try on apparel/shoes to make sure we have proper fit.

Items purchased this weekend:
WT's hiking boots: $250 retail, found online for $140
Mari's hiking boots: $290 retail, no online deals
Six pair wool socks: $18/pair, found online for $8/pair
Two duffle bags (Sherpa's carry from camp to camp): $80 each but we found them for $30 each!
WT's solar day pack: $239
WT's convertible zip offs: $80 retail, $20 online
Mari's Convertible zip offs: $75 retail, $30 online

Retail value: $1,200

We spent $827

We are in the three month window so our focus, chatter will start to shift towards planning and preparing.  I hope you will enjoy following these posts - I'm mostly posting my journey since I can't find any online journals and don't know anyone who has done this... I'm in uncharted territory and don't want anyone else to plan such a trip 'blindly'.

Time to lace up my shoes, enjoy a sunny Sunday, and get a run in!


  1. I've read about people climbing Kilimanjaro but not detailed posts about what it takes to get ready. Count me in as an interested person.

  2. Interesting...!

  3. Great to hear about your preparations for this adventure. Excellent online deals. It does pay to compare. Enjoy the rest of your planning!

  4. That's all pretty exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing more as you get closer.

  5. SOunds like all the prep work makes your adventure all the more real...have a good week.

  6. This is so exciting! ... and labor intensive just to GET there! LOL!

    I just found out an almost cousin of my husband's climbed Kilimanjaro in 2011. We just became friends on facebook and I saw his photos.. haven't yet talked to him about it. I can't wait to hear your stories!!!


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