Happiness: the good life

What does 'Good Life' mean to you?  I have heard two people reference this in the last week, now I'm thinking what this means to me. I think having a good life is living simply, with comfort and purpose.  I wonder if it's that simple...

My family has been having fun with Dr Drew's Narcissism test this week. Curious?  Click here to take the online exam. I scored 6, a few people in my family scored 19, 10 and someone scored a 31 (with pride).  HA!

Last night I met with my Omaha book club to discuss The Painted Girls, with author Cathy Buchanan.  It was such a thrill!  I will write more in my book review/post but it was delightful chatting with her.

100 day project: Day 32 ~ I hope to accomplish most since the list was built to ensure success, with a little push.

Try three new fruits/veggies: I have tried two and sadly didn't love them: Dekopon & White Dragon Fruit.
Read a classic: The Great Gatsby
Plant my garden
Make a new experience happen: I need to work on this one!
Volunteer or do a good deed: I'm working on something, just not ready to talk about it yet...
Experiment in the kitchen: I have been baking all kinds of new recipes so this one is officially done.
Learn something new: French
See a foreign film
Set a fitness goal: My goal is to run/walk 60 miles in one week (by the end of May). I'm currently up to 40 miles a week, but am planning to make an adjustment for April. My March goal was too aggressive with the cold weather and the pressure to log mileage actually made this a chore (40 miles a week, every week). Revised goal: 30 miles a week and one week in April 50 miles, one week in May 60 miles

YTD Mileage: 404 miles in 84 days.  WOWZA!

Recipes & Baking: I was clicking around yesterday and discovered lavender sugar... now I'm on the hunt for dried lavender.

Lavender Sugar!
1 ½ cups sugar
2 tablespoons dried lavender

Place sugar and lavender into a plastic container and seal tightly. Shake to combine. Allow to infuse at least overnight, but preferably for about a week.

Walnut Dulce de Leche
I made this recipe for WT's Monday treat day.  It was such a success I have to pass along the recipe.  

I'm having so much fun finding new recipes.  I do find it odd that my go-to food blogs are all international.  That's okay, it works for me!

Try something new this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 


  1. Cool that you reframed your fitness goal when it wasn't working for you. I seem to need a lot of variety in my exercise. It makes both my mind and body happier!

  2. I got a 1! I'm so proud. Wait, does wanting to show off the score mean I should have rated higher?

  3. Great comment, Heather!

    I scored 6 like you, Mari. Which is much lower than I expected. I do like a bit of attention and being listened to some of the time. But maybe that's the point, the real narcissist wants it ALL the time.

    How are you liking The Great Gatsby? I tried Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald and couldn't finish it. I found it boring. Now, Gatsby should be more interesting, but I wonder...

  4. I got a 10 on the test Mari, and that's just fine with me...LOL (I like me how I am)

  5. I got a 3. That's good because my husband's favorite number is 3! LOL!!

    40 miles a week is great!!

    Here's My Readers’Workout

  6. Lavender sugar? I'd like to try that. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for dried lavender.

  7. I love your 100 day project. What is lavender sugar. Is it just sugar that tastes like lavender? I would love to see an update on this lavender sugar oddity, please.

    And that quiz... oh man I'm such a narcissist! I scored a 12 with vanity as a high and entitlement as medium. I guess it's OK to be a little vain sometimes, but I never knew I was this vain. I mean it's just an online quiz anyway... :)

  8. Lavender sugar sounds divine! I've collected a few recipes that call for lavender and have yet to make one.

    I got a 3 on the quiz. I was a little worried I'd score much higher since my father has NPD and you know what they say about the apple and the tree.. I think I made a conscious effort when I was in my early 20s to make sure this apple rolled REALLY, REALLY FAR from that tree! That's a good thing.


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