Happiness: 100 day project (day 67)

This week I had the opportunity to help a photographer friend, taking several natural photos with the theme 'faces/portrait' for a project.  

I can't share the photos yet but do have a few candid snapshots worth sharing. 

Memories.... when I was a little girl I was on a magazine cover and billboards throughout Minnesota. I need to dig up the billboard photo!

I'm going home this weekend and know my Dad has it hanging on the wall.  Funny story behind the photo... a story for another day but one I promise to share.  

My 100 day happiness challenge: I'm making good progress, with only three items left on my list.  I have had to take a break from french, a life balance decision.  I REALLY want to learn 100 words and start talking/watching movies without relying on subtitles.

Happiness: 100 day project (day 60)

In the late 90's I met a gal who honestly smiled ALL the time... so much that I noticed it.  The gal looked just like Olive Oil (from Popeye), with a big smile and a lightness to her.

I thought to myself 'I should try that!'

I started smiling at cashiers, wishing them a great day etc... then getting the courage to embrace this approach with everyone I interact with, guess what?  This was a life changer.  I was no longer plodding through the daily activities of life but engaging with people.

Some people get confused by a kind gesture as small as a smile. Others smile back.

My favorite person to smile at is a cashier, following  up with a few small words.  It seems so unexpected that someone is nice to them and they tend to look up with an odd expression.  A delayed smile.

Happiness: a dinner party

If you live somewhere with four seasons I'm sure you have been teased with warmth one day and something less than ideal the next.  Last week we had 80 degrees for two days, followed by 50 and rain.  Today it's going to be 65 and sunny!  Bonus... no wind.  I have a nine mile run planned and hope to finish the book I started two weeks ago.

Dreamy dinner parties: I have been daydreaming for months, planning a summer dinner party with candles, wine, flowers, good food... and dessert!

With the power of pinterest and a good imagination I have been thinking about the people who might come to one of my dreamy dinner parties.

Would you come?

I'm dreaming of a casual mid-afternoon get together on a warm sunny day, 75 degrees, no wind, flowers in bloom, candles, and music that can be heard only when the talking drops to a lull.

Happiness: 100 day challenge (day 46)

I took this photo just before announcing my happiness project. Unplanned, I stepped out of my car after driving to meet a friend. She was standing next to me when I said I have to snap a photo of my wellies, and it's from the same day as the photo on the banner. Good FUN!

I love it when I log into pinterest and amazing quotes just happen to be there for me to read. I heart this phrase... it's so true.

Fitness: Last week was my lowest mileage since last fall, 20 miles.  With our son in town for only three days I spent every minute with him... it was an amazing weekend.

What did I just do?!  I dropped AWP off at the airport and on the way home I signed up for a half marathon... in 27 days.  I will be in Minneapolis May 2-5 to see my family, and have a few friends running the event so I decided to join them.  I haven't run longer than 4 miles in a year  so this will not be easy.  I usually run 3-4 and walk the rest as part of my 'be outside' commitment to myself.  Wish this crazy gal good luck!

Happiness: 100 day project (day 39)

I'm 40% through my 'creating happiness' challenge today - whoop!

I want to share another conversation... my friend doesn't know I blog so no worries about her reading this and if she did read it I know she wouldn't be upset.

We are both in our 40's, she has a personal trainer, I have running shoes.  She's had at least five procedures (including lipo/tummy tuck at size 2), I'm embracing aging.

Friend: I like women (on the boat) to notice that I take care of myself
Me: I don't remember you getting in water when we boated with you
Friend: I don't
Me: Why don't you let yourself wear a tank and shorts one day to take the pressure off dieting?
Friend: I would get SO hot!
Me: Is there much difference between a tank/shorts and a bathing suit?

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