Happiness: 100 day project (day 39)

I'm 40% through my 'creating happiness' challenge today - whoop!

I want to share another conversation... my friend doesn't know I blog so no worries about her reading this and if she did read it I know she wouldn't be upset.

We are both in our 40's, she has a personal trainer, I have running shoes.  She's had at least five procedures (including lipo/tummy tuck at size 2), I'm embracing aging.

Friend: I like women (on the boat) to notice that I take care of myself
Me: I don't remember you getting in water when we boated with you
Friend: I don't
Me: Why don't you let yourself wear a tank and shorts one day to take the pressure off dieting?
Friend: I would get SO hot!
Me: Is there much difference between a tank/shorts and a bathing suit?

My friend changed the subject and left me feeling sad for her.   Remember this is what prompted my idea for the 100 day project... running FROM bikini's.  I hope she finds peace one day, choosing happy and making it happen is so rewarding.

Fitness update: last week I ran 31 miles and started lifting again.  I moved my five and eight pound weights in the kitchen so I don't forget :)

March: 171 miles
YTD: 438 miles

100 day Happiness challenge:

Last week I tried my third new fruit, the Cherimoya (originally from the Andes). Finally... I discovered something with a unique taste that I will buy again.  I can't decide if it leans towards pineapple or coconut, yet it's creamy like a banana. Completely different tastes!   While searching on the internet to discover how to open this fruit I found a recipe for ice cream, with ONE ingredient, cherimoya:

- Scoop flesh fruit into a bowl or a food processor, discarding the peel and seeds.
- Whirl into a paste
- Scrape paste onto a plastic plate and freeze
- Remove from freezer, break it up into pieces by hand, place in a bowl, smoosh with fork and whisk until it resembles ice cream (it's naturally creamy in texture). Do not over mix or it will melt and get slushy.
- Scoop into bowls and enjoy (or freeze again and have been enjoying it one bite at a time).

I will make this again, adding some blueberries, strawberries, it was very good.

Try three new fruits/veggies: Being a vegetarian for over thirty years, there's not much I haven't tried so this was harder than you might expect.  I'm actually not much of a fruit gal anymore (too sweet) so I decided to see what I could find: Dekopon (Korea/Japan), White Dragon Fruit (Vietnam), and Cherimoya (Andes)
Read a classic: The Great Gatsby
Plant my garden: Seeds started on Saturday, prepped garden.
Make a new experience happen: I need to work on this one!
Volunteer or do a good deed: I'm working on something, just not ready to talk about it yet...
Experiment in the kitchen: I have been baking all kinds of new recipes so this one is officially done.
Learn something new: French

See a foreign film: I have two movies on my ipad, ready to watch.  If you enjoy watching foreign films you have probably mastered the skill of watching, reading, and enjoying. I love this part, reading the subtitles, hearing a different language on screen but it's definitely a learned appreciation.

Set a fitness goal: My goal is to run/walk 60 miles in one week (by the end of May). I'm currently up to 40 miles a week, but made an adjustment last week. My March goal was too aggressive and the pressure to log mileage actually made this a chore (40 miles a week, every week). Revised goal: 30 miles a week and one week in April 50 miles, one week in May 60 miles. 

How are you doing with your happiness project?  Remember it's more important to create happy than blog about it! When you do blog about it, please leave a comment with a link so others can visit and be inspired.

Try something new this week, remember...
Life, it's happening! 


  1. That story about your friend makes me feel a little bad for her...I've always been pretty accepting of my body, but one thing I finally realized is that most of the time, no one else is paying attention anyway. Hopefully she'll grow to be more accepting of herself as time goes on.

    I completely understand when you say it can be difficult to find vegetables or fruit you haven't tried before...I'm primarily vegetarian as well, and I try to buy what's in season or available locally as much as possible, which usually means a limited amount of options for about half of the year. I usually figure I know I'm getting more veggies than the average person, so that makes me happy!

    1. Yeah, I keep trying to talk to her but she might think she's happy since this is an area in which she has control. Very sad to watch...

      Yeah for veggie season!

  2. Love that you're trying new things. Cherimoya sounds good!

    I feel sad for your friend. No matter how good we take care of our bodies, none of us look like we did in out 20's.

    Here's My RW

  3. Love that cherimoya recipe!

    You're doing great with your running. I like the new version of your fitness challenge. I wonder if you will find that you look forward to the bigger week as a fun challenge now that it's not every week.

  4. have you seen The Intouchables... great subtitled movie.

  5. It always takes me a while to adjust, when I'm watching a foreign film; I feel like I'm missing something in the visual piece by having to read along. But soon I find that I'm able to focus on both. You do have to make sure you're not too tired when you start because it definitely is more work!


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