Life: Sadie Monster

Good mourning.

Yes, mourning not morning.  Thursday our thirteen year old dog, Sadie Monster, woke up and I knew something was wrong… immediately.  

With the holiday weekend approaching I decided to bring her to the vet, as a precaution. I went to the vet thinking she caught a virus, maybe it was time for arthritis medication.   I wasn't prepared to hear that she had a tumor rupture and was bleeding internally, actively dying.  

I drove home alone, crying while on the phone with AWP. 

The queen is gone and her princesses are looking for her, trying to reconcile what happened, where did she go?  When will she come home?

Yesterday, in memory of Sadie, we took a long car ride to my favorite place.  Stone Barns is a farm to table, organic, a favorite.  I feel at peace when I get to Sleepy Hallow, drive to the farm, see the chickens and pigs, rows of herbs being grown. It’s majestically calm. 

Dogs are allowed on the property, just not in the pastures (yes, people are allowed to walk with the pigs and chickens).  Sadie would have loved it there. We walked in the rain, Jessie and Lily had hard boiled eggs at the café, I had…  PB&J and a latte.

We packed up, drove across the Tappan Zee and had a quiet night at home. 

We miss you Sadie, but I know you are in heaven with Balto… running, chasing her, driving her nuts. Don’t worry Monster, I will take care of Jessie and Lily.


  1. Oh, Mari, I am so very, very sorry! Sadie was one of a kind.

  2. So sorry for you Mari -- hoping your happy memories make it easier with time. HUGS

  3. My heart goes out to you! Dogs are so much a part of the family and they impact our lives every day and in every way. May your fondest memories of Sadie bring you comfort. I believe you are right. She is in Heaven romping with her friend there and she is happy.

  4. Dear Mari,
    I'm so sorry! It's always so hard to lose a pet as they're such wonderful additions to our families. Thank you for sharing the great photo and about your memorial long, car ride. Sounds just right. Take care.

  5. So sorry to read about Sadie! You must miss her so much.


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