Travel: THE Serengeti

Lovely Friends,

Visiting the Serengeti was the last part of our adventure.  By the time we left the Ngorongoro Crater, Bill and I were worn down and sick.  On day two in the Serengeti, the lodge called for a doctor to see us.  This took about 36 hours.

To our surprise, the Serengeti is a ragweed minefield!  Bill is extremely allergic to ragweed.  I was diagnosed with bronchitis/walking pneumonia. The doctor offered us some herbal medicine and when we asked his visit/medicine fee... he said no charge.  We pressed a bit and he finally let us pay him.

Bill quickly got better but we had to leave a day early.  Avoiding a hot and bumpy day journey we asked Gregory to coordinate a flight to the Arusha Lodge. I was treated for pneumonia shortly after returning home.

Now to get to our amazing experience!

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