Travel: Australia (part two)

Going through my travel posts, mostly to reflect, I realized I didn't get to share our adventure in Australia.

Australia... have you been?

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Sydney (click here to read part one: our time in Sydney), and one week in the Blue Mountains.

The World Traveler had a few day trips for work commitments, but I wasn't able to join him (puddle jumpers), so I explored via ferry, hiked, ran.  I loved everything about this place.

Sydney: I would move there in a minute, especially if we were able to live near the quay/Sydney Cove.

Our hotel was right under the bridge, giving us easy access to run across the Harbour Bridge every day, every day! There's a carnival just on the other side (you can't see it in this photo).  I would then cross back, around the cove and past the Opera House, and along the Royal Botanical Gardens on the left side of this photo.

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