European Adventure Part 1: Montreux

Hello Friends!

How did a trip to Bangkok land us in Budapest? The World Traveler had an speaking engagement/hosting responsibilities at an industry conference that was relocated for political unrest (safety of the guests and their travel companions).

So... with just a few weeks notice, I started researching Budapest.  This is three country trip is a business trip for the World Traveler and a working vacation for me (working lightly to keep up with projects since I'm traveling for three weeks). Before Budapest comes a week in Switzerland. While I adore Vevey, we stayed in Montreux this visit. I was determined to explore Montreux... the markets, shoppes, and winding roads. 

Did you know the locals live up the hillside and travel by foot via Escalier's?  These are hidden stairs, woven through neighborhoods (see photo below) and must their secret to staying healthy.

Travel: Part IV Hangzhou & Ningbo China

Hello Friends,

This is Part IV of our Asian Extravaganza!

Hangzhou is 800 miles south of Beijing, a five hour trip via the Bullet Train.We arrived after the sunset, settling in for just one night.  The photo above was my first view of this city.  I remember looking out our hotel window and thinking the fog rolling over a winter morning was lovely.... then quickly realized pollution was following me. 

Travel: Part III 36 hours in Beijing

Dear Friends,

When I travel with Bill for work we tend to plan a weekend getaway.  This time our getaway had us spending over ten hours in a train, but it was worth every minute!
Click here to read Part I & II of our Asian Tour.

This is likely my one and only time coming to eastern China (the pollution freaked me out) - so close to the Great Wall that we set our sights on Beijing.

Traveling 217 MPH via Bullet Train

Travel: Part II, Shanghai

(This is part two of a five-city trip. This is a long post but filled with noteworthy experiences.)

Lovely Friends,
You might think China is at the top of my must see list but... the pollution scares me enough for it to remain lower on my travel list.  The World Traveler spends a lot of time in Asia and when he asked me to join him for a three-week visit I jumped at the opportunity!

We have many stories behind our Shanghai photos, most not captured on film.  Bill did get to morph into Jason Bourne in a thrilling Shanghai hour; it was quite an experience!

Travel: Three days in Singapore

Hello friends,

Today I'm excited to tell you about a recent trip to Singapore, part one of a 16-day adventure in China.  We traveled from NYC to Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Ningbo.

Let the adventure begin!

Our flight path to Singapore brought us over the north pole, over Russia, China, and landing in Hong Kong, where we missed our connecting flight by a few minutes.  A few hours later we flew on a local airline to Singapore...

Singapore is a young country, turning 50 this year.  It reminded me a bit of George Jetson's world.

It's a cultural melting pot which makes for an exciting visit.
{Photo from Google Images}

While the World Traveler was on business, in air conditioning, and I was outside exploring.   It was very hot while we were there, nearly 100 degrees and humid!

Buddha Tooth Relic: This was my first time seeing/entering a Buddhist Temple.  Stepping into the Temple brings an immediate calmness.  I didn't want to leave.

Travel: Switzerland & France

Lac Leman (Geneva)
Bonjour les amis,

Last fall my husband, and I traveled to Hamburg, Germany before heading to Switzerland for a few weeks.  Why Hamburg? A good friend of our calls Hamburg home and wanted a big celebration for her birthday.  We were close and excited to be part of her big day.

Click here to read about our visit to northern Germany. 

Our next stop: Vevey, Switzerland

After settling in our hotel, the World Traveler was off to work.  When I join him on these long trips I work remotely, and being five hours ahead provides time to explore before sitting in front of my laptop.

I love everything about Switzerland, even Sunday's (everything is closed).

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