a crashing success!

Hello friends,

My last blog post was late July.  My first thought is 'I'm sorry for not posting for so long' followed by 'has it really been three months?!

In July,  I mentioned being in the midst of planning an island holiday.  I thought I would post a few times, but planning a holiday celebration for 26 people was a lot of work.

What were we planning?
A celebration of friendship (and Bill's 50th birthday). You may be asking yourself, 'how do they choose just twelve people'....  it started with a list of men playing a significant role in Bill's daily life.  Brothers, friendships spanning 25+ years, the men we rely on to help us, guide us, challenge us.  And their wives!

After researching to find the perfect destination fitting our needs, we reserved Fowl Cay A YEAR AGO. 

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